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XOLYDIA unveils new single 'Summer Waltz'

XOLYDIA's latest single "Summer Waltz" exudes a hopeful and light-hearted vibe, capturing the essence of inner transformation and embracing life's uncertainties.

With soothing acoustic guitar melodies, this folk-pop track offers a much-needed sense of warmth amidst life's challenges. This single sets the tone for her upcoming debut EP "Summer's Dream", which promises to be a poetic exploration of themes such as personal growth, gratitude, and mental health.

Hailing from Sweden and currently based in London, XOLYDIA's musical journey reflects her passion for storytelling and emotional expression. Drawing from a diverse range of influences, her indie and folk-pop soundscapes are characterized by atmospheric synths and ambient textures, crafted in collaboration with producer Sara Idani.

With "Summer Waltz" XOLYDIA invites listeners to embrace change and live in the present moment, resonating with the beauty of newfound beginnings and self-discovery. Check it out below and stay tuned for the upcoming EP.


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