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Wyly Bigger unveils debut album 'Broken Telephone'

Wyly Bigger, a promising artist from Marion, Arkansas, has emerged as a prominent figure in the vibrant Memphis music scene with his captivating debut album "Broken Telephone". Growing up in the music-rich environment along the Mississippi River, Wyly's deep-rooted connection to blues and rock and roll is evident in his soulful compositions.

Having garnered acclaim locally in Memphis, Wyly's music has transcended borders, captivating listeners internationally, including Canada and Norway. "Broken Telephone", recorded at the iconic Shelby Foote Mansion and produced by the talented Mark Edgar Stuart, showcases Wyly's exceptional prowess on the piano and his poignant songwriting.

With a stellar lineup of Memphis musicians supporting him, including Matt Ross-Spang and Jim Spake, Wyly's album embodies the raw essence of the Memphis music community.

Through energetic tracks and heartfelt ballads, "Broken Telephone" brings to life the enduring spirit of rock and roll and reinforces Wyly Bigger's position as a torchbearer of musical traditions, bridging the past with the present. Check it out below.


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