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Victor V. Gurbo Releases a Demo of 'All The Pretty Girls'

Victor V. Gurbo's latest single "All The Pretty Girls (Demo Recording)" offers a poignant reflection on a night of dashed hopes and unfulfilled expectations.

Inspired by a friend's quest to move on from a failed romance, the song captures the essence of futile attempts to forget someone special. The lyrics, born from a late-night bar outing in a quiet part of town, paint a picture of desolation and resignation.

The track, a product of a home studio demo, showcases Victor V. Gurbo's emotive vocals accompanied by Kenny Lee's skillful lap steel guitar and electronic drums, and Mark Caserta's solid bass lines. The band's collaborative ethos shines through in this piece, with each member contributing their unique musical influences to elevate the song's narrative.

With notable performances at prestigious venues like Carnegie Hall and Brooklyn Academy of Music, Victor V. Gurbo & Co. continue to captivate audiences with their evocative storytelling through music.


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