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Vesta unveils new sci-fi themed album titled 'Castle on the Moon'

Vesta's latest album "Castle on the Moon" takes listeners on a captivating journey through a science fiction narrative.

The brainchild of Malcolm Jackson, also known as Vesta, the album offers a unique blend of vocals and production stitched together by a self-taught artist hailing from the Midwest.

Drawing inspiration from video games, music, and film, "Castle on the Moon" follows the tale of OSURA, a fictional space travel company sending a brave pilot to explore the mysteries of a lunar inhabitant. With its intricate storytelling and ethereal soundscapes, Vesta's album is a stellar addition to the science fiction music genre.

Having carved a path from California to the Midwest, Vesta's musical journey began in the vibrant Chicago house show scene, eventually leading to performances at renowned venues. Collaborating with a remarkable lineup of producers including Astroblk and Reno Cruz, Vesta's album was meticulously self-recorded in Gary, Indiana. Check it out below.


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