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Urban Walrus unveil new single 'Not Today'

Urban Walrus have just unveiled their latest single "Not Today". Following a rigorous six-month global tour across New York, Amsterdam, and Zurich, the band returned to the studio to deliver what promises to be a groundbreaking masterpiece with chart-topping potential.

The track "Not Today" captures that feeling when you wake up and immediately sense that the day is not in your favor. It's a gritty, intense rock anthem that resonates with raw authenticity, showcasing Urban Walrus's bold and unapologetic style. Produced by Jeannot Steck, the song's hard-hitting sound leaves a lasting impression, embodying a straightforward and captivating energy.

Urban Walrus, led by the rock-poet Fabian Körber, has garnered attention since their formation in 2022. With hits like "Pie in the Sky" the band has quickly reached over a million streams on Spotify, showcasing their dynamic and impactful sound.

Urban Walrus' single "Not Today" is available on various streaming platforms and for purchase on Bandcamp, solidifying their growing presence in the music scene. Check it out below.


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