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Truth Lamp releases new single: 'Intelligence'

Truth Lamp has recently unleashed their latest single "Intelligence" offering a rich tapestry of sound and creativity.

This track, the fifth from the electronic music producer and solo artist, pushes the boundaries of genres, combining elements of drum and bass, techno, and cinematic ambience. Described as the most intense and energetic work to date, "Intelligence" is a sonic journey that captivates and surprises with its sheer power.

Recorded at Truth Lamp Studios in Colchester, Essex, UK, and expertly mixed and mastered by Seppa, this track is a result of Jamie Shavdia's (aka Truth Lamp) multifaceted talent. It delves into the theme of AI's rapid advancement and its impact on humanity, reflecting the blend of excitement and apprehension towards the future.

Truth Lamp's latest release is a bold testament to their fearless exploration of sound and concept. Check it out below.


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