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Trapt release second EP, teaser for upcoming album 'The Fall'

Trapt's latest EP "The Fall (Teaser 2)" is the second glimpse into their upcoming album release on May 31. With 5 tantalizing tracks, this teaser follows the success of their initial teaser from November, each showcasing the band's talent and growth.

Read our article about the first teaser here.

Trapt formed in 1997 during their high school days and consists of Chris Taylor Brown on vocals and guitar, Shawn Sonnenschein on guitar, Peter Charell on bass, and Mitch Moore on drums. Impressively, the band has been independent for over a decade now, with the members writing, producing and mixing all of their songs.

Inspired by the raw energy of grunge and alternative rock, Trapt's music embodies a unique blend of influences that resonate with fans and critics alike. Currently on the "Parental Advisory Tour", the band continues to captivate audiences with their dynamic performances and infectious sound.

As they gear up for the release of "The Fall", fans can anticipate a collection of 15 tracks meticulously crafted by the band, showcasing their dedication to creating authentic and compelling music.


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