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Tom Minor unveils new single: 'The Bad Life'

Tom Minor has introduced his latest single "The Bad Life", showcasing his unique sound that encompasses influences from indie rock, punk, and more.

While some may note a touch of Iggy Pop in the choruses, the London-based musician showcases his unique style and evolving artistry on this track. "The Bad Life" is a compelling anthem celebrating the thrill of rough times, providing a captivating musical experience.

Minor, known for his genre-blending approach drawing from indie rock, new wave, punk, and more, doesn't disappoint with this release. The infectious energy of the song, coupled with The Creatures Of Habit's electrifying performance, creates a rock-filled experience that captures the essence of living on the edge.

With producer Teaboy Palmer's atmospheric harmonica contributions, Tom Minor's "The Bad Life" is a must-listen for those craving a taste of rebellious musical bliss. Check it out below.

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