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Tidal Water release debut single: 'Corrupted'

Tidal Water have just released their debut single "Corrupted", a glimpse into the forthcoming debut album "Polarity".

Originating from Oslo, Norway, Tidal Water is the project of Martin Hovden, a versatile artist infusing personal reflections and societal themes into the band's music. Supported by a team of talented collaborators, including Txai Fernando, Johannes Radøy, Leif Johansen, Renato Anesi, Jims Lehner, and Markus Matland, Tidal Water's music expertly merges individual creativity within a collaborative setting.

"Corrupted" serves as a poignant social critique, addressing issues like greed and inequality with a blend of thought-provoking lyrics and captivating melodies. The upcoming music video promises to visually enhance the narrative layers embedded in the song's chorus, representing the voices of protesters.

With engaging performances on the horizon and the imminent release of "Polarity" Tidal Water is poised to captivate audiences with their impactful yet entertaining music. Keep an eye out for the radio edit of "Corrupted" and stay tuned for updates on tour dates and new releases to follow through the band's links below.


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