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The Woolfman releases new single: 'My Wounded Heart'

The Woolfman, a versatile artist known for his musical prowess, is back with the captivating single "My Wounded Heart".

This soulful track, released under W Records, delves into the theme of enduring love post-breakup. Inspired by a Spanish classic, the song features the enchanting vocals of Italian jazz singer FC, adding a sophisticated touch to the heartfelt melody.

The remix pack of "My Wounded Heart" has gained popularity on Beatport, showcasing the widespread admiration for The Woolfman's latest work. With a promising music video on the horizon, audiences can anticipate a visually stunning accompaniment to the emotive rhythm of the single.

Drawing from his rich musical background, The Woolfman continues to push boundaries and blend genres seamlessly. His track record of success and accolades sets high expectations for his upcoming projects. "My Wounded Heart" resonates with its poignant lyrics and evocative melodies, striking a chord with listeners worldwide.


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