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The Tonics Release Debut Single: 'Memories Won't Drown'

The Tonics have emerged as a dedicated force in the indie rock-pop scene with their debut single, "Memories Won't Drown." This high-energy track delves into the aftermath of a breakup, blending the raw intensity of bands like The Libertines with a catchy pop sensibility.

The band's meticulous approach to recording, overseen by producer Oscar Brown and mixed by RML Studios, has resulted in a polished sound that captures the essence of their influences, from The Beatles to The Clash. Lead songwriter Alex Malpass's inspiration shines through in the song's dynamic composition, reflecting a mix of classic pop and punk influences.

Comprised of talented musicians Anna Marsh, Alex Malpass, Charlie Plews, and Matt Joiner, The Tonics are set to make a splash in the music scene with their upcoming tour and single release.

Don't miss the opportunity to experience their electrifying performance at The Frog and Fiddle in Cheltenham on March 7th, 2024.


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