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The Tarrows Release New Alt-Indie Single 'Gunfighter'

Bedford's own The Tarrows are back with their latest alt-indie track "Gunfighter" ready to ignite mosh pits everywhere.

This single, a hit at their live shows, is promising to captivate audiences with its blend of 90s alt-rock, 2010s Brit-indie, and a touch of 80s Madchester vibes. "Gunfighter" hooks fans with familiar sounds before delivering an unexpected headbanging twist towards the end, keeping listeners on their toes.

The trio, consisting of Matt Astell on lead vocals and guitar, Taylor Allerston on bass and vocals, and newcomer Nate Brown on drums and backing vocals, has evolved with Nate's addition, ushering in a new chapter for the band. When not crafting music in their shed-studio, The Tarrows immerse themselves in diverse experiences, from teaching guitar to inmates to exploring the Bedford music scene, ensuring their music is always infused with fresh inspiration.

Expect the unexpected from this dynamic trio as they continue to push boundaries and surprise fans with their innovative sound.


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