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The Savage Hearts: Revving Up the Irish Music Scene

The Savage Hearts, a musical collective from the North and Northwest of Ireland, have emerged with a double single that pays tribute to the enigmatic Eddie Cruizer.

Led by Evan Walsh, The Savage Hearts have quickly made a mark on the Irish music scene, performing at festivals like Electric Picnic and supporting acts like The Boomtown Rats. The band also consists of: Darragh Muldoon, Terry Brady, Eugenio Collinassi, Emil Kapusta and Becky Walsh.

The Savage Hearts' debut single "Gang War" is a high-energy garage rock track that pushes boundaries, followed by the frenetic "Speed Kills" showcasing their diverse influences of garage rock, psychedelia, blues, and cow-punk.

Released through Blowtorch Records, "Gang War" has topped the Irish downloads chart, garnering praise from music blogs and indie radio stations. The band's blend of raw energy and eclectic influences leaves listeners intrigued and eager for more from this mysterious group.

Check them out below on Spotify and connect through the links under.


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