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The Pulltops Inspire Us to Chase Our Dreams With New Single '3-2-1 Go!'

Milwaukee's dynamic duo, The Pulltops, have unveiled their latest original single, "3-2-1 Go!".

A fusion of Alternative Rock, Power Pop, and Country influences, the track showcases drummer Mark Pierret and guitarist Tom Crowell's diverse musical backgrounds. While Pierret's roots lie in old country and soul, Crowell's penchant for the experimental and underground scene adds a unique edge to their sound.

Despite these differences, the duo's shared love for pop music and strong hooks shines through in their songwriting. "3-2-1 Go!" is a high-energy anthem that encourages listeners to chase their dreams fearlessly, no matter what.

Blending their signature mix of alternative rock and power pop with hints of country rock and retro synth textures, The Pulltops deliver a track that is both inspiring and infectious, sure to ignite a fire in anyone ready to conquer the world.


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