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The Project Announces New Album 'Best Days'

The LA-based rock supergroup The Project is set to unleash their upcoming album "Best Days" in 2024, offering a vibrant blend of classic hard rock and pop rock for global audiences.

Led by James Davis, a prominent figure in the Cali-rock scene, The Project promises a fresh sound that fuses elements of pop and metal. With renowned vocalist Jeff Plant and powerhouse drummer Andre Bonter on board, the band's debut single "Best Days" sets the stage for an electrifying musical journey. The track captivates listeners with its dynamic mix of heavy metal vocals, dreamy guitars, and infectious pop melodies.

Recorded at Arrowhead West Studio and produced by industry veterans Dennis Hill and Steven Barnett, The Project's album is a testament to their musical prowess.

Stay tuned for more surprises from this talented ensemble as they gear up to rock the music scene with their infectious California vibes.

Check out the latest release "no hard feelings" below.


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