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The Numb Project Unveils 18-track album 'Transmissions from a Troubled Radio'

The latest offering from The Numb Project "Transmissions from a Troubled Radio" is a mesmerizing 18-track album that takes listeners on a haunting journey through a diverse range of musical genres.

The album, which clocks in at a concise 36 minutes, showcases the artist's evolution and growth since their previous releases. Drawing inspiration from a variety of influences including trip-hop, dub, idm, and boom bap, The Numb Project weaves together a tapestry of intricate sonic textures and hypnotic beats that transport listeners to another realm.

Each track on the album feels like a fleeting moment captured while scanning through radio frequencies, offering glimpses into a world filled with nostalgic melodies, ethereal atmospheres, and pulsating rhythms.

"Transmissions from a Troubled Radio" is a testament to The Numb Project's prowess as a producer and promises to captivate audiences with its unique blend of sounds and styles. Check out the album below.


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