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The Neuromaniacs unveil latest single 'Remnants'

The Neuromaniacs, led by Johnny Brewer, present their latest single "Remnants", a departure from their debut track "Revelations".

This instrumental piece takes listeners on a tranquil and psychedelic journey, exploring the concept of circles in life and the universe, with remnants of their creation visible everywhere. Johnny, inspired by this theme, created a self-produced video that reflects the track's cosmic essence.

Originally conceived during the "Revelations" sessions, "Remnants" was intended to be part of a double release, but plans changed when a collaboration opportunity arose with a lead vocalist from another band. While this third track is set for a standalone release, the band's artistic vision remains strong.

The single is now available for purchase on Bandcamp, and you can check out the video below. Prepare to be immersed in a dreamy, introspective experience with "Remnants" by The Neuromaniacs.


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