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The Muster Point Project unveils new single 'Nothing Ever Goes Away'

The latest Americana/folk rock single by The Muster Point Project, titled "Nothing Ever Goes Away", delves into the weight of financial struggles faced by a man with a young family.

The track encapsulates the common experience of dealing with overwhelming debt, portrayed through emotive lyrics and a musically uplifting sound. Led by Kevin Franco, the band beautifully blends acoustic guitars and poignant piano melodies, interwoven with subtle electric guitar accents.

Joined by skilled musicians Sterling Laws on drums and Oleg Pisarenko on keys, Kevin's versatile talents shine through on guitars, bass, vocals, and songwriting. Produced by Darryll McFadyen, this single serves as a preview to the upcoming album, "It Was Here He Received His Only Formal Education", set for release in November.

Through the heartfelt storytelling and relatable themes of despair and fleeting hope, "Nothing Ever Goes Away" captures the essence of navigating the struggles of financial burden. Check it out below.


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