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The Miller Test's "Double Country" Album: A Brash and Eclectic Musical Journey

Outlaw art-rockers, The Miller Test, have unleashed their third album, "Double Country," captivating listeners with their unique fusion of genres. Available for streaming on all major platforms, this album showcases the band's evolution and experimentation.

The eleven tracks on "Double Country" are a bold departure from their previous works. The Miller Test fearlessly combines noise electronica, post-rock funk guitars, gospel harmonies, and thunderous beats, resulting in an audacious and infectious sound. From the twinkling country space-rock of "Tennessee" to the Gorillaz-gone-goth vibes of "Long Wrong Way," the band effortlessly traverses various moods and styles.

Standout moments include the frenzied stoner rock opener, "Crows on the Scaffold," and the Stonesy call-and-response of "Quarantine Hotel," interrupted by a rap reminiscent of Wet Leg's spoken-word froideur. The album also offers moments of sheer beauty, such as "Sin in Question," blending Cowboy Junkies' charm with the Cocteau Twins' ethereal allure.

"Double Country" is a brash, eclectic, and captivating album that showcases The Miller Test's growth as musicians. With infectious melodies and fearless experimentation, this release is a must-listen for fans of alternative rock and indie music. Prepare to be enthralled by their sonic wizardry and immerse yourself in the world of "Double Country."

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