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The Meyers Bros Release Debut single: 'Ain't No Love In the House'

The Meyers Bros, consisting of Warren and Matt Meyers, are making waves in the House Music scene with their debut single "Ain't No Love In the House" featuring the soulful vocals of Katie Jones.

Hailing from London, UK, the brothers have a rich musical background, with their father, David Meyers, being a respected figure in the industry. Inspired by the creativity of others, they crafted this funky disco house track by sampling their father's unreleased song, adding a modern twist that is sure to light up dance floors.

With a history of chart-topping success and performances at renowned venues worldwide under other aliases, The Meyers Bros are on a trajectory to take their music to new heights. Their dedication to creating innovative and inspiring music shines through in every beat, promising a bright future filled with exciting projects and collaborations across various genres of House Music.

Get ready to groove to the infectious sounds of The Meyers Bros. Check out the video and single below.


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