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The Kyle Jordan Project unveils latest single 'Mexico'

Victoria, B.C. native Kyle Jordan, the mastermind behind The Kyle Jordan Project, showcases his latest single "Mexico", a testament to his musical evolution. Hailing from rural Alberta, Kyle's journey to Victoria epitomizes his deep-rooted passion for music.

Kyle's versatility shines through in his various roles within the project - songwriter, drummer, guitarist, and more. His commitment to these roles reflects his artistic dedication and adaptability.

Central to the project is Kyle's belief in collaboration, evident in his diverse lineup of musicians like Greg Van Kerkhof, Erick Gerber and Katie Burke. His music, influenced by Kyle's farming background and church drumming, blends tradition with contemporary flair.

The Kyle Jordan Project's music encompasses Americana, Canadiana, folk, rock, blues, and alt-country elements, appealing to a wide audience. Through their exploration of roots music, Kyle and his collaborators invite listeners to join them on a journey of musical discovery and connection.

Check out "Mexico" below.


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