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The Kyle Jordan Project's New Single 'Loved By You'

The Kyle Jordan Project have just unveiled their latest single "Loved By You" a testament to their unique blend of roots music genres.

Hailing from Victoria, British Columbia, this musical ensemble, led by the talented Kyle Jordan, is a fusion of tradition and innovation. Their music, a rich tapestry of blues, country, rock, and folk influences, resonates deeply with audiences worldwide.

With enchanting vocals from Greg Van Kerkhof and the captivating presence of Katie Burke, The Kyle Jordan Project embarks on a collaborative journey that delves into the essence of roots music while infusing it with a modern flair. Their upcoming single promises to take listeners on a soul-stirring musical adventure, showcasing their commitment to authenticity and emotional depth.

As a collective of musicians united by their love for music, The Kyle Jordan Project invites you to immerse yourself in the raw emotion and storytelling prowess of "Loved By You", a true reflection of their collaborative spirit and musical artistry.


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