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The House Flies unveils latest single 'She Hums Mozart'

The House Flies, a post-punk grunge band from Moline, IL, is stirring up anticipation with their latest single "She Hums Mozart", a preview of their upcoming album "Mannequin Deposit" set for release on July 2nd.

Comprised of Alex Riggen on vocals and guitar, Nick Pompou on drums, and Ozzie Woods on bass, the band skillfully combines elements of shoegaze, goth rock, and post-punk to create a mesmerizing musical experience.

"She Hums Mozart" showcases The House Flies' talent for crafting dreamy and ethereal soundscapes, with haunting vocals and intricate instrumentation that draws listeners into their unique sonic world. The track's introspective lyricism adds depth to the atmospheric journey, resonating with both new listeners and dedicated fans.

This single is a testament to the band's artistry and sets the stage for the upcoming album, promising a captivating blend of emotion and creativity in "Mannequin Deposit".


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