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The Heroic Enthusiasts' latest single 'All I Want'

The Heroic Enthusiasts have unveiled their latest single "All I Want", a preview to their upcoming album, released via Meridian (ECR Music Group) and marking a significant collaboration with iconic producer Stephen Hague.

Having garnered a global following and substantial streams from previous works, the duo's musical journey showcases a blend of Brit-pop, new wave, and post-punk influences. Their partnership with Hague has elevated their sound to new heights, with a profound fusion of creativity and expertise evident in the forthcoming full-length record "Illuminate".

Guitarist Thomas Ferrara describes the album as a beacon of clarity and positivity in tumultuous times, offering a message of hope and resilience. The meticulous process of crafting the album involved transatlantic collaboration and yielded ten tracks that embody the essence of The Heroic Enthusiasts' musical evolution.

"All I Want" stands out as a powerful testament to the duo's growth and dedication to producing compelling music that resonates with audiences worldwide. Check it out below.


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