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The Dassins Unveil: 'Chasing Shadows on the Wall'

The Dassins have unveiled their latest single, "Chasing Shadows on the Wall".

The band, consisting of Ewan Turner on guitar and vocals, Riley Gill on bass and vocals, and Edward French on drums, showcases a unique chemistry that shines through their music. Influenced by a mix of British bands like The Beatles and The Jam, as well as American folk artists such as Bob Dylan, The Dassins bring a diverse range of inspirations to their sound.

Recorded at Studio 84 and produced by Tom Mitchell "Chasing Shadows on the Wall" was crafted in just two takes, with an improvised vocal duel between Riley and Ewan, adding a dynamic element.

It is a raw and intense track that delves into themes of unhealthy mindsets affecting relationships. At the same time the track captures a noir aesthetic reminiscent of classic films, drawing on influences from various genres to create a striking sonic landscape that resonates with listeners.

So be sure to check out the band and their newest single below, and connect with them through the links under it.


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