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The Connecting Dots: A Melodic Journey through Alternative Pop/Rock

The Connecting Dots is Stockholm-based alternative pop/rock band, led by singer Helena Sundstrom and musical partner Johan Borg. What started as a dream pop project has evolved into a live-oriented rock band with big choruses and an extroverted approach. Drawing inspiration from and blending classic influences from the 70s and 80s with modern art pop, the band is creating a nostalgic yet contemporary vibe.

The band's debut album "Oblivious Beat" (released in 2021) gained worldwide attention. The album's poetic lyrics are exploring themes of time, escapism, memories, and big city dreams. Together with their love for synthesizer-led music, and using classic analog synths to record, they all come together to create a cinematic feel, almost as if it's a soundtrack of a movie. Which, not surprisingly, has also helped them in contributing songs for multiple commercials and TV shows.

The global pandemic prevented them from touring, but Helena and Johan did not stay idle and worked tirelessly in their studio, which resulted in their second album "Treasures In The Valley" (released in 2022). This album showcased a more rock-oriented sound with bigger choruses and a broader musical variation.

Their latest single "Dancing On Water Lilies" is a three-minute indie pop banger with a big chorus. Lyrically, it captures the feeling of refusing to leave the party, and not wanting the night to end, walking under neon signs as dawn breaks, and being high on life. However, it also touches on the dark side of excessive partying and its inevitable consequences.

Looking towards the future, The Connecting Dots continues to release new music, but Helena's biggest wish is taking The Connecting Dots on the road. She is currently searching for musicians to form a full-piece band for live performances. With a growing following in Europe, North and South America, Helena dreams of traveling the world and sharing their music with fans everywhere.

So be sure to keep an eye out for The Connecting Dots as they embark on their musical journey, bringing their infectious energy and unforgettable melodies to stages around the world.


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