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The Bird Yellow releases new single: 'when the room goes dark'

The Bird Yellow has just unveiled a new single titled "when the room goes dark" setting the stage for his upcoming album TBH.

The Bird Yellow's creative process for "when the room goes dark" involved him immersing himself in darkness to ignite his soul and spark inspiration. Six years since captivating audiences with his hit "Roses in the Sand", The Bird Yellow bids farewell to Barcelona with a move to New York for a new chapter at NYU film school.

The track exudes nostalgia and a yearning to conquer new horizons, beckoning listeners to dance alongside him in the dark. Reflecting a bittersweet departure, the song showcases The Bird Yellow's emotional depth and musical evolution.

As he embraces change and bids adieu to his roots, the single serves as a powerful prelude to his upcoming album, set for a November 2024 release on Son Canciones.


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