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The Almas: Redefining Modern Rock with a Twist

The Almas, a hard rock group originating from New Munster, Wisconsin, embody the essence of modern Rock n' Roll with a unique twist in their single "The Almas II", released in 2023.

Comprised of Crystal Teigland as the lead vocalist, Frank Slifka as the founding member and lead guitarist, Josh Sukowski on guitar, and Andrew Ehredt on drums, the band's high-octane live performances and guitar-driven melodies set them apart in the music scene. Collaborating with producer Kile Odell on their newest EP has allowed The Almas to realize their musical vision and deliver an electrifying experience to their audience.

Their dedication to mental health awareness and support for veteran events showcase their commitment to making a positive impact, and create a welcoming space for fans to escape life's challenges through their music.

With accolades such as the JOSIE Music Awards' Rock Band of the Year in 2023, The Almas continue to captivate fans and are set to embark on their first UK tour in July 2024.


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