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Tara Van's latest single 'Sunshine's Callin''

Tara Van's latest single "Sunshine's Callin'" is a refreshing power pop track that inspires listeners to rediscover answers they may have long forgotten and embrace their inner strength.

The Toronto-based singer-songwriter draws from a blend of genres like soul, folk, pop, and jazz to create a genre-defying sound that resonates deeply with her audience.

At its core "Sunshine's Callin'" encourages us to step outside, bask in the sun, and let our worries dissipate. Reflecting on her personal journey as someone with ADHD, Tara's music highlights the importance of trusting one's instincts and finding clarity in unexpected moments. Collaborating with producer Mark Calderone, this track marks a significant step in Tara's musical evolution.

Tara Van's narrative of self-discovery and newfound confidence shines through in "Sunshine's Callin'", inviting listeners to embrace the simple joys of life and revel in moments of enlightenment that can transform our perspectives. Check it out below.


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