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Sugar Nova Releases new single 'Darkness Turns to Dawn'

Sugar Nova's latest single "Darkness Turns to Dawn" is a modern disco gem that is sure to set the dance floor on fire.

Featuring groovy bass-lines, funky guitar riffs, and layered vocals reminiscent of contemporary acts like Jungle and Parcels, this track offers a perfect blend of throwback vibes and contemporary sounds. The synths and electronic production provide a fresh and energetic feel that will keep you moving all night long.

The band, consisting of Rachel Eisenstat on vocals and Luke Miller on production, keys, and guitar, came together during the pandemic, finding inspiration in the allure of disco and dance music. Recorded in Luke's home studio in Denver, CO, with a team of talented musicians and producers, "Darkness Turns to Dawn" captures the essence of getting lost in the music and dancing until the sun rises.

Sugar Nova has already made waves in the music scene, with radio features on Indie 102.3 in Denver and appearances at notable festivals like Summerdance and Fire Lights. With their infectious sound and captivating energy, Sugar Nova is a band to watch in the disco revival scene.


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