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Strange In Stereo's "To Get To You" EP: A Captivating Journey into Emotion

Italian duo Strange In Stereo, consisting of Claudio Mastroddi and Giovanni Ferranti, presents their latest EP "To Get To You" (PaKo Music Records/Believe Digital). This triple-track EP showcases their talent for blending rhythm and experimentation, captivating listeners from the first note.

The opening track, "To Get To You," is an enigmatic dream pop anthem. With mystical atmospheres and reflections on destiny, the song explores the darkness of the night and finds meaning in the light of love. Its chorus becomes a mantra, inviting listeners to embrace the awareness of mysterious designs.

The second track, "Before You Go," is a dreamy experience that highlights Strange In Stereo's ability to combine evocative melodies with intimate lyrics. It serves as a reminder of life's fleeting nature and the importance of cherishing moments before they fade away.

Closing the EP is "Keep On Walking," a rebellious and gritty track that portrays the desire to explore uncharted territories, both physical and emotional. With sharp lyrics and bold sounds, it reflects the duo's longing to go beyond boundaries and change old roads for new ones.

"To Get To You" was recorded at Strange In Studio in Sulmona, Italy, with vocals captured at The White Lodge Studio in Rome. Mixing and mastering were done at The Airlab Studio in the UK by Jerome Schmitt, with additional creative contributions from Strange In Stereo. The EP's cover art was designed by artist John Williamson.

This release marks an exciting new chapter in Strange In Stereo's career. Each note is an emotion, and every rhythm is a heartbeat for this internationally-minded duo. "To Get To You" is more than just a collection of songs; it is an emotional journey, a dive into the unknown, and an embrace of the beauty of uncertainty. Prepare to turn up the volume, close your eyes, and get lost in the enchantment of Strange In Stereo. It will be a journey to remember.

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