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Stephanie Rodd's latest EP 'Recovered'

Stephanie Rodd's latest EP "Recovered" has just hit the music scene, showcasing a collection of tracks that embody resilience and personal growth.

Through this original EP, Stephanie aims to uplift and connect with her audience by delivering a message of overcoming challenges and embracing self-acceptance. The five songs within "Recovered" serve as a tribute to inner strength and positivity, drawing from Stephanie's personal journey and influences.

The cover artwork of the EP beautifully encapsulates this theme of transformation, symbolizing a passage from darkness to light and doubt to healing. Rooted in her love for Anglo-Saxon culture, Stephanie Rodd's musical style is a blend of soul, jazz, and pop, reflecting her evolution as an artist and individual. With singles like "Worth It" and "Stronger Than Ever", Stephanie's music speaks volumes about personal growth and empowerment, resonating with listeners on a profound level.

Stephanie Rodd is not just a singer-songwriter, she is a force of positivity and authenticity, committed to sharing her artistry with the world through her passion for music, and her new EP "Recovered" is a true testament to that.


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