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Stefan Dando's latest single 'Hit The Road Again'

Exploring the poignant theme of unrequited love, Stefan Dando's latest single "Hit The Road Again" delves into the bittersweet emotions of loving someone who cannot reciprocate.

As a folk-pop singer-songwriter, Stefan beautifully captures the essence of heartfelt conversations shared with his ex during long cross-country drives. Recorded at 121 Studios London, the single was masterfully produced and mixed by Andres Mesa and mastered by Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios.

Inspired by personal experiences, the song narrates the struggle of loving someone incapable of returning the same depth of affection. Despite facing health challenges during recording, Stefan managed to encapsulate raw emotions in just a couple of sessions, resulting in a sincere and introspective musical piece.

"Hit The Road Again" is a soul-stirring track that resonates with anyone who has experienced the complexities of unreciprocated love. Check it out below.


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