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Starlight Alice unveil new single titled 'Pieces Of My Heart'

Starlight Alice's latest single "Pieces Of My Heart" is a heartfelt tune resonating with those who have experienced heartache, marking their third release of 2024.

Comprised of Jacob Browne and Luke Potter, Starlight Alice brings together a wealth of experience, with a combined 30 million Spotify streams, to create their distinctive sound. The track blends country pop, folk pop, and Americana, showcasing the duo's diverse musical influences.

Following the success of "Impatient", "Pieces Of My Heart" delves into the raw emotions of a fractured relationship, expressing feelings of anger, hurt, and ultimately, resilience as the artists weave together folk, pop, and rock influences in a genre-defying musical tapestry.

The track has garnered praise from notable publications, solidifying Starlight Alice's place as an emerging force in the music scene. Check it out below.

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