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Spy From Moscow's "Whispering In The Walls" Single: A Raw and Emotive Tribute

Spy From Moscow, led by solo singer-songwriter Declan Feenan, delivers a poignant and heartfelt single with "Whispering In The Walls." This track, recorded during the pandemic, showcases Feenan's raw vocals and guitar skills, accompanied by Luca Romano on bass and Sara Kleppe on drums.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Neil Young, Sun Kil Moon, PJ Harvey, and Karate, Spy From Moscow creates a sound that is both introspective and expansive. The single was recorded at The Attic Sounds in London for drums and bass, while guitars, vocals, and horns were captured in an industrial lockup in Battersea. The mastering was done by Audio Siege in Portland.

"Whispering In The Walls" is a deeply personal song, written in the aftermath of Feenan's father's passing. It serves as a preview of the upcoming album, tentatively titled "Night Music," which explores themes of loss and introspection.

The recording process itself had its challenges, with drums being tracked just before the pandemic hit, and the rest of the track being recorded in various locations, including an attic flat and an industrial lockup.

Spy From Moscow's "Whispering In The Walls" is a moving tribute, showcasing Feenan's ability to channel emotions into his music. With its introspective lyrics and captivating sound, this single sets the stage for an album that promises to be a powerful and cathartic experience.

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