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Soulful Sounds: La Marti's Latest Single 'Black Snowflakes'

La Marti's latest single "Black Snowflakes" is a heartfelt creation born out of a challenge to write a song using two random words. Seemingly impossible at first, La Marti got the inspiration to write it and ended up with a beautiful song that captures the essence of heartbreak and the struggle to come to terms with the end of a relationship. La Marti poured her emotions into the lyrics and music, resulting in a poignant piece that reflects her journey of rediscovering her songwriting abilities.

The upcoming EP, "Anime Fragili" will feature an arranged version of "Black Snowflakes", showcasing a blend of classic folk rock and indie pop sounds. La Marti, hailing from Florence, Italy, is the singer-songwriter and guitarist behind this soulful project. Influenced by pop, indie folk, and country music, La Marti has graced various stages, including opening for Sofar Sounds in Prato and performing at Hard Rock Florence.

With a passion for storytelling through music, La Marti's music is a therapeutic experience for both herself and her audience.


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