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Snap Infraction Unveil 'Touch The Sun'

Snap Infraction's latest single "Touch The Sun" is a heartfelt track that offers a message of hope and support for those struggling with depression.

The song, featuring delicate piano and soothing vocals, showcases the band's contemplative and acoustic style. The duo, comprised of Steve Karsch on vocals, guitars, and piano, and Tony Iannuzzi on drums, have a long history of musical collaboration, dating back to their early days in high school bands.

Recorded in their home studios, the DIY approach to production gives the music an authentic and raw quality. The single is part of a collection that includes tracks like "Second Chance" exploring themes of redemption and self-forgiveness, and "Too Much Fun" a lively rock tune inspired by a memorable hangover experience.

Snap Infraction's music is a reflection of their shared musical journey and passion for creating meaningful, relatable songs.


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