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Small Black Arrows' Latest Single 'The British Museum'

Small Black Arrows' latest single "The British Museum" is a refreshing departure from mainstream music, offering a unique blend of folk, trip-hop, RnB, and rock influences.

The brainchild of Luke Bailey and Jimmy Hanley, the duo's eclectic sound challenges traditional music arrangements with alternative instrumentation and thought-provoking lyrics. The track serves as a rallying cry for social change, addressing issues of exploitation and political disillusionment in post-Brexit Britain.

With a quirky and catchy vibe "The British Museum" stands out as a poignant reflection of societal challenges, urging listeners to use their voices. Small Black Arrows' upcoming album promises to be a captivating journey through modern Britain, exploring themes of love, mental health, and political manipulation.

This immersive masterpiece is set to be a must-listen for those seeking intelligent, fresh, and mesmerizing music. You can listen to the single below.


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