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Slim Loris release new single 'Hands Up'

Swedish band Slim Loris have just released their latest single "Hands Up", marking a new chapter with drummer Tobias Lundgren joining the lineup.

"Hands Up" captures the essence of early summer vibes, portraying the excitement and eventual chill of transitioning from a long Swedish winter to warmer days. The track's bass line was initially crafted during a session with DJ Kasizzle, later developed into a distinct Slim Loris sound. Recorded in their rehearsal space by Mattias, the song was then refined at Olga Studios by collaborator Pecka Hammarstedt.

Originally formed by longtime friends Mattias Cederstam and Robert Barrefelt, the group's music is influenced by anything that makes you groove. Having recently played shows across Scandinavia, Slim Loris are set for more performances in the coming months, so stay tuned.

With its catchy rhythms and nostalgic lyrics, "Hands Up" is a must-listen for those seeking a fusion of summer emotions and indie rock vibes. Check it out below.


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