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SKYLAN's latest single 'High'

SKYLAN, an emerging EDM artist hailing from Raleigh, USA, has just released their new single titled "High", promising a vibrant summer anthem set to captivate audiences with its infectious beats and catchy melodies.

Drawing inspiration from the exhilarating atmosphere of summer festivals, SKYLAN's latest track encapsulates the essence of carefree days and unforgettable nights, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a sun-soaked paradise.

With expert production skills and a signature style, "High" stands out as a must-listen hit in the current EDM scene. The song's energetic drops and irresistible hooks are primed to set dance floors ablaze worldwide, offering a sonic escape that perfectly captures the essence of the season.

As they gear up for a series of live performances and events this summer, fans can anticipate experiencing firsthand the magnetic pull of this rising EDM star's electrifying sound. Check out "High" below, and get ready to elevate your summer playlist with this exhilarating new release by SKYLAN.


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