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SIR-VERE and Rory Hoy release remix album 'Orbital Rocktronics Part 1'

SIR-VERE and Rory Hoy are setting the stage on fire with their latest collaboration, the remix album "Orbital Rocktronics Part 1".

This dynamic release breathes new life into tracks from the innovative "Lovescope" album, showcasing a fusion of rock and electronic elements that define SIR-VERE's signature sound. With a blend of punk energy and infectious dancefloor vibes, this remix compilation dives deep into the rich musical landscape of SIR-VERE's discography.

The Orbital Rocktronics concept came to fruition during the recording of the groundbreaking "Psycho Ballistic Funk" album, setting the stage for an electrifying remix experience. Leading the charge is the track "Extra beat in my Heart", serving up a nostalgic nod to the big beat era with a modern twist.

Rory Hoy, a renowned music producer and DJ, brings his remix prowess to the forefront, infusing the album with his unique creative vision. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this stellar collaboration coming soon.


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