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Singer-songwriter Paul Thompson unveils new album 'Baby Hedgehog'

Singer-songwriter Paul Thompson, hailing from Norfolk, England, has just released his album "Baby Hedgehog", a heartfelt homage to nature born from a chance encounter with an injured hedgehog near his rural studio.

The album features a mix of poignant tracks reflecting Paul's deep connection with the natural world. In a show of generosity, Paul has pledged a portion of the album sales to support the Sheringham Hedgehog Hotel, a local sanctuary dedicated to caring for injured hedgehogs.

As part of his commitment to conservation efforts, Paul plans to embark on a UK-wide tour following the album release, with a promise of donating his performance fees to hedgehog charities. Through his music, Paul aims to draw attention to the pressing environmental issues our world is currently confronting.

Join Paul on this melodious journey as he shares his passion for music and nature with audiences across the UK.


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