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Silver Shores Release New Single 'Stonewall'

Silver Shores, a band hailing from Oakland, CA, brings a fresh sound with their latest single "Stonewall".

Comprised of Andrew Magcale on guitar and vocals, Mario Amanzio on drums, Haley Shevener on bass, and Jon Andrews on guitar, the band's chemistry shines through their music. Having played at renowned venues like The Whisky A Go-Go and The Viper Room in Los Angeles, Silver Shores is making waves in the music scene. Their upcoming tour of the Pacific Northwest promises to captivate audiences with their dynamic sound.

Recorded at Hyde St. Studios in San Francisco "Stonewall" explores the theme of overcoming fear to express genuine emotions. The track, mixed by Chris Huges and mastered by Joseph Freeman, seamlessly transitions from a spacey, relaxed vibe to a more aggressive tone, reflecting the emotional journey of releasing pent-up feelings.

Silver Shores' "Stonewall" is a must-listen for those seeking both introspection and musical innovation. Check it out below.


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