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Signs and Sounds: LJ Vox Unveils 'Outside'

LJ Vox, hailing from Brisbane, Australia, has unveiled their debut single "Outside", now available on all major streaming platforms alongside a captivating music video.

Transitioning from various underground bands in Brisbane, LJ Vox ventures into a solo journey with "Outside" drawing influences from industrial, noise rock, hip hop, and experimental electronic genres.

The single was entirely self-written, produced, mixed, and mastered by LJ Vox, showcasing their multifaceted talents. The track delves into the contemplation of whether to heed or disregard the signs encountered in life, exploring the diverse interpretations and outcomes that can arise from these signals.

"Outside" challenges listeners to question the significance of acting upon these signs, sparking introspection on the complexities of decision-making and perception.

LJ Vox's musical prowess shines through in this thought-provoking and genre-blending debut single. So be sure to check out the song and the video below.


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