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Shiloh, Forever Releases 2-track EP: 'The Man After Dark'

Shiloh, Forever, the musical alias of Matthew Roers, unveils his latest project, "The Man After Dark" a soulful exploration of late-night introspection and emotional vulnerability. Drawing inspiration from the quiet hours of the evening, Matthew crafts a blend of indie folk rock, combining elements of folk and city pop into a unique sonic experience.

The two-track release features the title track, "The Man After Dark" and the intimate "La Lune" capturing a 10-minute journey of angsty emotions and raw honesty. Recorded in his Dorchester apartment during a period of solitude following a breakup and struggles with insomnia, Roers poured his heart into the project, with close friend Tucker Bickell assisting in production.

The project's genesis under starlit skies in rural Minnesota adds a touch of cosmic nostalgia to Shiloh, Forever's signature "sleep rock" sound. With plans for future releases and a move to Brooklyn on the horizon, Roers invites listeners to find solace in his musical catharsis.

Check out the songs on Spotify below, and on all other streaming platforms.


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