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Shades of Oleander: A Symphony of Emotions and Resilience

Shades of Oleander is a band that delves deep into the human experience, using their music to tell stories and explore the intricate layers of life's narratives. Their melodies resonate with the joys, sorrows, and complexities of existence, creating a symphony of experiences that invites listeners to immerse themselves in their soul-stirring musical odyssey.

The band consists of Josh Rivers on keys, rhythm guitar, and lead vocals, Phillip McCarthy on lead guitar, and Josh Foust on drums and backing vocals. They came together in turbulent times, finding solace and creative inspiration amidst a world in flux. Their debut single, "L Words," captivated audiences with its stroke of genius, accumulating over 90k streams and setting the stage for their musical journey.

With influences ranging from all the "mf's on the planet" to the challenges they've faced in the music industry, Shades of Oleander has carved a unique path for themselves. Their second release, "Hell Bent," solidified their impact, surpassing 150k streams and generating excitement among their eager listeners. The band's allure continues to soar as they prepare to release an eagerly anticipated music video.

Despite the obstacles they've encountered, Shades of Oleander remains dedicated to sharing their artistry and being a part of people's lives. They firmly believe in the timeless power of music to connect and resonate, and they aspire to be a voice that speaks to hearts and souls, offering a comforting refuge through their melodies.

Their latest single, "Room to Improve," is an intimate conversation between lovers, highlighting the intricacies and nuances of two individuals coming together to share their life journey. The song's melodies and vibe will leave listeners entranced in thought, inviting them to relate to the message.

For Shades of Oleander, music is a vast canvas that paints the hues of life itself. It is a language that encapsulates everything from politics and spirituality to relationships and everyday moments. Their mission is to seek out voices that often go unheard, crafting their narratives into melodies that echo far and wide.

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