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SHAB teases new album with new single titled 'Afterglow'

SHAB, the renowned pop icon, graces us with her latest enchanting single "Afterglow", which is a teaser of her upcoming album "One Suitcase", scheduled for a late August release.

This album, symbolic of her journey as a 14-year-old refugee from Iran arriving in New York carrying one suitcase, promises to be a gem in her already illustrious repertoire. Afterglow exudes SHAB's trademark charm and allure, showcasing her tender vocals expressing love's enduring passion. Collaborating with Damon Sharpe and JHart, the track melds pop, Persian, Latin, and dance influences seamlessly, elevating SHAB's musical prowess to new heights.

SHAB's recent successes, including the chart-topping single "VOODOO" with Fat Joe, have solidified her standing as a global pop sensation. With "Afterglow" she continues her winning streak, captivating audiences worldwide and setting the stage for what promises to be a stellar year ahead.

Stay tuned as SHAB's inspirational journey unfolds, reminding us of the power of resilience in overcoming life's challenges. Check out "Afterglow" below.


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