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Seattle's The Sleepy Haunts Deliver Emotional Depth with "Bloom, vol. 1"

Seattle-based band The Sleepy Haunts recently captivated their audience with their latest release, "Bloom, vol. 1." This small acoustic show left half the crowd in tears, a testament to the emotional depth and authenticity of the songs. With a mix of upbeat and introspective tracks, this album offers a refreshing and original sound that sets The Sleepy Haunts apart from other artists in the industry.

Led by front-woman and singer/songwriter Gillian McMahon, the band is completed by guitarist Josiah Massari, drummer Sevastian Dingler, and bassist Noah Wager. Their chemistry and musical prowess shine through in every track, creating a cohesive and captivating listening experience.

"Bloom, vol. 1" is a collection of songs that delve into themes of teen angst, fictional romanticism, and happy hauntings. The band's influences, including Olivia Rodrigo, Beach Bunny, and Alanis Morisette, are evident in their music, but The Sleepy Haunts manage to maintain their own unique style.

The album was recorded in Portland, Oregon, with the help of Agyei Marshall and Anjuna Recording. Notably, the band also had the opportunity to work with Aaron Cada, the producer for Beach Bunny, who mixed and mastered two of the tracks and will be producing their upcoming album.

The Sleepy Haunts have already made a name for themselves in the Seattle music scene, having performed at notable events such as Sound Off! 2022 and the Northwest Folklife Festival. Their energetic live performances have garnered positive reviews, with Illustrate Magazine praising their song "Peter Parker" for its catchy melody and relatable lyrics.

In addition to their musical talents, The Sleepy Haunts also bring a sense of humor and camaraderie to their work. Their music video for "I Want to be Maeve Wiley" was a chaotic and amusing production, complete with a thrift store adventure and plenty of jokes.

Overall, "Bloom, vol. 1" by The Sleepy Haunts is an album that showcases the band's unique sound and emotional depth. With their captivating performances and relatable lyrics, this Seattle-based band is definitely one to watch.


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