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Sean Lippin's latest single 'Run Away'

Sean Lippin's latest single "Run Away" exudes a delightful and energetic vibe that is sure to captivate music enthusiasts.

Hailing from Westchester County, New York, the Singer-Songwriter effortlessly intertwines his personal experiences with a dose of humor and edginess in his lyrics. Embracing a blend of indie rock, folk rock, and pop rock, the track was expertly produced by Matt Graff, resulting in a rich and contemporary sound that resonates with audiences worldwide.

"Run Away" serves as a poignant anthem for breaking free from societal constraints and embracing one's true self, reflecting the universal yearning for liberation and authenticity. Through emotive storytelling and smooth vocals, Sean invites listeners on a profound journey of self-discovery and escapism.

With its infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics, "Run Away" promises to leave a lasting impression on both fans and critics, cementing its place as a standout piece in Sean Lippin's music catalog. Check it out below.


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