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Scarlett Sno releases new single: 'Terrified'

Scarlett Sno's latest single "Terrified" invites listeners into a world of dark fantasy, blending pop, rock, and cinematic elements in a unique and captivating way.

The song delves into Scarlett's personal struggles, stemming from a two-year hiatus due to muscle tension dysphonia caused by Covid. Through haunting melodies and introspective lyrics, Scarlett bares her soul, expressing fears of losing her voice and the uncertainty of her future with music and singing.

Drawing from her own experiences, Scarlett's music resonates with raw emotion and genuine storytelling. Her journey through adversity is reflected in the deep layers of "Terrified", offering a glimpse into the artist's inner turmoil and resilience. Scarlett's ability to craft music that delves deep into the human experience is evident in her evolving discography, which she describes as a reflection of life's emotional tapestry.

With "Terrified", Scarlett Sno invites listeners to embark on an intimate and emotive musical voyage, guided by her powerful vocals and relatable storytelling.


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